Meet Kemi Abifarin

Arts | Culture | Education Consultant

I am a holistic entreprenuer. My work, my passion, my diet, my spirituality, my artistry,--even my physical workouts are all interconnected. Every minute of my life is connected to the same story: good character, growth, love for my community, and organic living


 a mother, a wife; an educator; an artist; a mentor; a consultant; a traditionalist, an arts/culture/education ambassador, and a visionary. "


I am passionate about learning and sharing that knowledge with my people. Working  with young people fuels my spirit. Seeing my village progress and develop feeds my soul.   My work is based on the hands on research that I have done in community centers, public schools, private practice,  detention centers, four year and community colleges, home school programming and various other events that I have either participated in or sponsored. Despite everything that is going on the world, I have still been able to see the greatness that exists in my people and I want to encourage, inspire, invoke that  energy on all levels. We have all of the tools that we need for our healing, our development, our resistance, our sustenance, and our progress. We just need to get together and explore all of our resources. Our culture is our medicine. We are the "doctors" that possess our own remedies. 

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"Since I was 8 years old, I have been a creator, an educator, a mentor, and an artist. Now, going into my 40's, I am returning to explore and master the journey that I knew I should have been exploring when I was a child. It is amazing how we come into the world and have the chance to remember  why we came here. Through socialization, we are often talked out of our dreams and pushed into the collective  goals of a self serving society. My goal is to help everyone I meet return to the journey that their 8 year-old self planned." - Kemi Abifarin  

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Education, arts, and culture have been my passion since an early age. Pursuing this passion through high school and into college, I started VCU in 1996.  I studied at VCU, intermittingly, receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in English with a minor in African American studies, my K-12 Teacher certification in English, and my Master’s degree in History, Nonprofit Management, and Education.


In 2016, I started my final journey at VCU in the Ph. D program (Education: Curriculum, Culture, and Change), then Educational Leadership, but my work and my passion led me in a different direction—to create and implement culturally relevant and enriching curriculums for public, home and alternative schools for K-12 students.